How to navigate marathon road closures on Sunday, June 3rd

Hey, Everyone!

This Sunday, June 3rd is the Rock-n-Roll Marathon, which means that road closures will affect our area. With that said, below is a way you can get to our gathering. Please give yourself extra time to get into Uptown and find parking! 

  1. Take 163-South
  2. Exit Park Blvd and turn left on Park 
  3. Turn right on Morley Field Dr. 
  4. Morley Field Dr. turns into Alabama St.
  5. Head north on Alabama St. 
  6. Turn right on Dwight St. 
  7. Quick left on Arizona St., then quick right to stay on Dwight St. 
  8. Quick left on 28th St, then quick right to stay on Dwight St. 
  9. Turn left on Utah St.
  10. Jefferson Elementary is at 3770 Utah St. 

Feel free to check out the Rock-n-Roll Marathon's maps: 1) Road Closures and Alternatives Routes, and 2) Google Map with Road Closures. Note: Google maps link might not work on the mobile app but will work on a computer. 

We will continue our series on the gospel of John this Sunday and hear updates from the South Africa trip from the team, which just returned to San Diego!

In His Grace,

Royce, Andy + Jarek

The Restored Uptown Eldership Team

Check out Uptown's Prep Week!

Hey, Uptown family!

We are only three Sundays away from relaunching in North Park on May 13th and we're excited to invite you to a few "Prep Week" events to help us gear up for our move. 

Sun, 4/29 @ 5:00p: Generosity Sunday gathering at Moniker Warehouse

Check out our Generosity Sunday gathering as we seek to raise $12k to fund our relaunch in North Park and bless the Arandas! Jackie Rodgers will preach on hospitality, you don't want to miss it!

Tue, 5/1 @ 6:30-9p: Jefferson Dry Run + Volunteer Training

Come and join us for dinner as we cast vision for our move and do a Sunday gathering dry run to prepare our serve teams for the new space. 

This event is for anyone that's currently on a serve team, but if you are not currently on a serve team, this is a good time to join! RSVP below to the Dry Run or email for more information. 

Please RSVP HERE so we have an accurate headcount for food. 

Wed, 5/2 @7:00P: Seek Night at HardiHood Cowork

Join us for a night of prayer and worship as we seek God together on behalf of our city and the new season we are stepping into at Jefferson Elementary. This is for anyone who calls Restored their home church and we hope all members will find a way to be there!

Please RSVP HERE for our Seek Night! Note: plan on eating dinner beforehand!

Sun, 5/6 @ 10:00A: Restored Temecula Launch!

We will not gather in Uptown on May 6th but, instead, want to encourage you to head up to Restored Temecula's launch at Margarita Middle School at 10:00A! Carpool with some Uptown friends if you can. If you have kids, please try to find separate childcare if possible. We love our kiddos and Temecula does too, but please keep in mind that Temecula's children's ministry will be understaffed and we desire for Uptown to bless and encourage them on their launch, not overburden them. Thanks for your understanding. 

Margarita Middle School
30600 Margarita Road
Temecula, CA 92591

Help Uptown Raise $12k on Generosity Sunday!

Compelling Community.jpg

Generosity Sunday is April 29th!

On Sunday, April 15th, Andy kicked off a 3-week mini-series called, "The Compelling Community" and preached on generosity (sermon link). Andy shared that we have two big financial needs in our church - funding our move and relaunch at Jefferson Elementary and blessing the Arandas - and together we want to raise $12,000 to meet them on April 29th. 

To help prepare our hearts to give, we want to encourage you to set aside 15-20 minutes this week to intentionally think through and pray about what your gift will be, and use the following questions to help you: 

  1. Take a couple min to prayerfully think through what you’d like to give. (2 Cor 9:7)
  2. Once you’ve decided on a number, ask God, is this gift sacrificial? (Luke 21:1-4)
  3. Do I plan to follow through on giving this gift? What do I need to do to remember to give it? (2 Cor 9:1-5)
  4. Does this gift demonstrate that I worship Jesus, not money? (Luke 16:13)
  5. Am I excited about this gift? (2 Cor. 9:6-8)
  6. Is this gift motivated by gratitude for the grace shown to me? (2 Cor. 8:9)

Once you're ready, you can click on the link below to give! 

Give Now!

We pray that God's generosity towards us would fuel our hearts and our gifts! 

"For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich." 2 Cor 8:9

In his Grace, 

The Uptown Leadership Team

We've Moved! Check Out Where We'll Gather in April & May


Restored Uptown church has moved! Here's our Sunday gathering schedule for April and May 2018:

  • April gatherings: We will gather on Sunday evenings during the month of April at the Moniker Warehouse in downtown, 705 16th St, San Diego, 92101. Childcare will be provided!
  • Temecula Launch: We will not gather on Sunday, May 6th, but instead encourage everyone to go to Restored Temecula's launch at 10:00a at Margarita Middle School! (30600 Margarita Rd, Temecula, CA 92591). 
  • Restored Uptown Relaunch!: We plan to relaunch our regular Sunday morning gatherings at a new time (10a!) and new location, Jefferson Elementary in North Park! (3770 Utah St, San Diego, 92104) 

For more information, please check out our mobile app, which is available on app stores as “Restored Church Uptown,” and follow us on Instagram, “restoreduptown.” 

Discover What's New in Uptown for 2018 at Vision Night!


Don't Forget to RSVP!

Hey, Everyone!  We want to invite you to join us for our Uptown Vision Night next Wednesday, February 7th from 7:00p-9:00p! This should be a fun night where we worship Jesus together and share exciting new initiatives, missional opportunities, and other stuff we're excited to roll out for 2018!

We ask everyone that's planning to come to RSVP asap, especially if you need childcare. 


We can't wait to see you at our Vision Night!

Christmas Eve Service Details!


We're so excited to celebrate Christmas with you and want to share details to help the morning be as smooth as possible for you and your friends:

Gathering, Prayer, & Kids Times!

  1. Gathering: Our Christmas Eve gathering will be at 10:00a, not 9:00a! Enjoy the extra sleep!
  2. Prayer: Our prayer meeting will be at 9:00a, not 8:00a, at the usual spot upstairs at the Sunset Temple!
  3. Kids Ministry: If your child is singing during the gathering, please arrive by 9:30a sharp for song practice at the main stage at the Sunset Temple! After song practice ends around 9:45a, we'll have you check your child in downstairs. If your child is not singing during the gathering, please drop them off between 9:45a-10:00a! 

Parking Details!

Here are the three best options for parking on Christmas Eve around the Sunset Temple: 

  1. ACE Parking Garage: We want to encourage you to let your guests know in advance that they can park at ACE Parking Garage located at 3829 29th St. about a block away from Sunset Temple. They can bring their parking pass into the worship service and ask our Service Coordinator for a parking voucher. 
  2. Street Parking: Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year which means that MOST PARKING REGULATIONS ARE NOT ENFORCED that day. Specifically, you will not be ticketed if you park in a metered spot, yellow commercial zone, short-term green zone or 1- to 2-hour time parking zone on Sunday, so take advantage of that if you can!
  3. Family Parking: For families with small children we have very close parking available directly across the street (Kansas) from Sunset Temple behind North Park Rug + Carpet located at 2894 University Ave. There are limited spots available, so we ask that you DO NOT park here unless you have small children. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact a staff member or email Thank you so much and we'll see you on Christmas Eve at 10:00a!

In His Grace,

The Restored Uptown Staff & Elders

Check out the Saturate Missions Conference in January!


Hey, Restored Church!

We want to invite you to join us on January 27, 2018, to be inspired and equipped to live on mission in your everyday life. There will be churches from throughout Southern California joining together to receive world-class teaching by Jeff Vanderstelt and others. Shane and Shane will lead worship!

Don't miss this great opportunity to grow deeper in your faith and make an impact in the world! Register at this LINK and don't delay, spots are limited and filing up fast! 


Check out New Perspectives Course on Global Missions!

Hey, family!

We want to share an opportunity for you to get a fresh vision and passion for the global mission field! Starting on January 8th, a new weekly Perspectives class will launch in Chula Vista that will explore God's heart of the nations through Scripture and stories from the mission field. 

We're part of a gospel story that's far bigger than what's happening here in San Diego, and if you've ever thought about global missions or just want to learn and be encouraged by what God is doing around the world to bring people to Himself, this class is for you!

If you're interested in signing up, please visit their website HERE

Classes run from January 8th through March 19th and will be held weekly on Mondays from 6:30p-9:30p and on four Friday nights. Check out the website for more details!

Going Back to Go Forward Exercises!

Hey, Everyone!

This Sunday, Andy taught about how the past shapes us and how Jesus can change how our past impacts us (sermon link).  We want to share two exercises below adapted from the Emotionally Healthy Church workbook to help you identify the "commandments" your family of origin lived by and discover the new way of life Jesus offers us in the gospel. We're praying that God would use this to help us live out the freedom we have as members of His family!

Exercise 1: "Ten Commandments" of Our Family of Origin
Growing up, each one of our families operated under a set of "commandments." Some of them were spoken and spelled out; others were unspoken and "understood." Take some time to jot down any rules, attitudes, and underlying assumptions your family had in the areas listed below - spoken or unspoken.  Share one with a friend or spouse, and tell how it continues to influence you today. 


  • Money: "It's okay to spend it on others, but not on yourself."
  • Success: "It's getting into the best schools."
  • Expressing Anger: "When you are angry, it is a sin."
  • Loss and Grief: "You are not allowed to be sad or depressed."

Ten Commandments of My Family of Origin 

  1. Money:___________________________________________________
  2. Success: _________________________________________________
  3. God: ____________________________________________________
  4. Gender Roles: ____________________________________________
  5. Marriage: ________________________________________________
  6. Complementing/Praising: __________________________________
  7. Sex: ____________________________________________________
  8. Play and Recreation: _______________________________________
  9. Expressing Anger: _________________________________________
  10. Loss and Grief: ____________________________________________

Exercise 2: The New Commands of our New Family
Our family of origin is the single most powerful and formative influence that has shaped the person we are today. Therefore it makes sense that Christian discipleship is ultimately about transplanting someone from their family of origin and rooting them into the new family of Christ.  Just as there are established ways of handling anger, money, conflict, sex, feelings, and the like, in our family of origin, so there are new ways of thinking and acting about these things in the family of God.  Discipleship is a process of unlearning and relearning, because through Christ, we've been birthed into a new family tree. 

Take a few minutes to write out the gospel version of your family's commandments. In other words, if the gospel is true, how does it free you to live out your new identity as a member of God's family in these areas?


  • Money: "My security is found in God's love and care for me, so I don't have to live for money. Instead, I can enjoy it and use it to bless others."  

Gospel Version of my Family's "Ten Commandments" 

  1. Money:___________________________________________________
  2. Success: _________________________________________________
  3. God: ____________________________________________________
  4. Gender Roles: _____________________________________________
  5. Marriage: _________________________________________________
  6. Complementing/Praising: __________________________________
  7. Sex: _____________________________________________________
  8. Play and Recreation: _______________________________________
  9. Expressing Anger: _________________________________________
  10. Loss and Grief: ____________________________________________

We hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and we'll see you this Sunday as Andy explores what it looks like to understand your limits in order to love well.  

In His grace, 

The Restored Uptown Staff & Elders