As most of you know, we spent yesterday as a church fasting and praying for God’s wisdom and direction in regards to potentially adding a second Sunday worship gathering. As elders, we had been sensing that a second gathering was both necessary and beneficial, so we asked the church to pray and contact us if they felt God gave them direction or insight into the decision. As of today, we can confidently say that we will be adding a second gathering in the near future because every single person that we talked with said they felt like this was what God was leading us into as a church!

As we gear up to launch our second worship gathering in early October, we are excited about the huge benefits that this additional gathering will bring. One of the main opportunities this addition will bring is the ability for more leaders to step up and take ownership over certain areas of ministry that may have been limited with simply one gathering. With a need for more prayer counselors, kids volunteers, preachers, and musicians, we will see who God is calling to take initiative and lead.

Another exciting opportunity in adding a second gathering is the reality that we will have more room for men and women who do not know Jesus to join us on Sundays to see Him and His family more clearly through the preached word, unity, and worship. We can’t wait to hear the stories of Jesus saving people as they join us on Sundays to hear about His scandalous grace.

Lastly, we know that an additional gathering will be an excellent step for preparing our South Bay church planting team that will be launching next year. Multiplying one gathering to two is a great step to multiplying one church community to another, which has been our dream since the beginning. Flooding the streets of San Diego with the radical grace of Jesus is our dream and we are excited that this is a step in that direction.

Join us this Sunday at 10 a.m. as we announce more details and continue to pray that Jesus would be glorified in all of this!

Love you all.