Hey family!

If you were with us on Sunday, you are aware that we are having an all-church fast today (8.27) as we seek God’s direction and wisdom on the potential of moving from a single gathering on Sunday morning to two gatherings at Adams Elementary School in Normal Heights! Jesus has truly been growing Restored Church with disciples and we are grateful to be witnesses to His work. With growth comes the necessity of change and we want to ask the Spirit for guidance if this is the change He wants for us at this time.

We are currently in a spot where one gathering is feeling very full in the auditorium and we would hate for new people to feel like there isn’t enough room for them. If we would transition to two gatherings, we would have the opportunity to make space for new people to encounter the good news of Jesus and His family as we worship Him together on Sunday mornings and live on mission throughout the week in San Diego. Change is rarely easy, but it is often rewarding. We want to make sure that this potential change is something God is leading us in, so please join us today in skipping food and pressing into Jesus through prayer and listening.

We would love to hear what you feel God is telling you as you seek His wisdom in this decision for our church! Email us at or text Andy, Tom or Brad. We love you all and excited to see how Jesus will continue to use us as we make much of Him.