Yesterday, we had an exciting morning as we launched several new Missional Communities and heard from various leaders in the MC’s of what God was doing in their communities. Brad continued our series, “The Beautiful Mess,” in 1 Corinthians and showed us how we are called to make disciples in San Diego in the same way Paul did 2,000 years ago in Corinth. Paul’s message was Christ crucified and his method contradicted culture, so that Christ would be clear.

While the culture of ancient Corinth and modern day San Diego are a little different, we are called to proclaim the same message Paul did and demonstrate it in such a way that shows the world around us what life under God's rule and reign looks like. The central message we proclaim as Christians is that God has made a way for us to be welcomed back into His family through the death of His very own Son, Jesus. The way we demonstrate this message most clearly is by living in such a way that contradicts our culture because this helps people see Jesus’s Kingdom more tangibly. San Diego is known for its comfortable lifestyle, but we Christians live in such a way that our ultimate comfort is found in Jesus rather than possessions. San Diego is known for its consumption of beer, but we Christians are able to enjoy a beer, but not be mastered by it. San Diego is known for its wealth, but we Christians live generous lives because Jesus has given us everything we already need.

If you are interested in joining the “Introduction to Gospel Community Life” that was mentioned by Andy yesterday, please email Brad at for more info.

If you missed the sermon, be sure to listen to it here, "The Method of the Cross":