Sunday Sermon Recap - Hallowed Be Your Name

This past Sunday, we continued our "Life with the Father" sermon series as Andy shared that praying "Hallowed Be Your Name" is expressing a desire that the world would know God as He really is: beautiful, gracious, holy, and ultimate! 

We hallow God's name as we increasingly believe the truth of who He is, treasure Him in our hearts, and seek to live in a way that shows everyone how wonderful He is.  As we do that the world gets to see what He's like and can begin to hallow His name! 

If you missed it click on the link below to go to the audio of the sermon!

Also, our fall Gospel Communities are now underway and if you are in a group you will be going through a sermon-based curriculum based on our "Life with the Father" teaching series!  

This past Sunday we passed out copies of the full 7-week curriculum.  If you did not get a copy of the curriculum this Sunday, please visit this link to check it out:

Enjoy your time diving into who God is and what He's done this week in community and we'll see you this Sunday morning at 9:00a as we learn what it means for God's kingdom to come and why it's good news for us and for the world!

Where: John Adams Elementary School (4672 35th St, San Diego, CA 92116)