Sunday Sermon Recap – Lessons from Dubai + Africa

After three Sundays away from Restored gatherings, Andy and some of the other leaders made it back from Dubai and South Africa and had stories to share. Yesterday, Andy preached a sermon where he tied in some of the things he learned while on his trip with the teachings of Jesus and the mission of the Church. In light of the trip, Andy shared four things that he prays Restored Church never loses sight of.

While in Dubai, Andy and the team met a man from Sri Lanka who was a rebel in the Sri Lankan civil war decades ago who was saved by Jesus and transformed into a lover of Jesus and people and now leads a church planting movement in Sri Lanka. Andy shared how he hopes we as a church never lose the desire to see Jesus save and transform people as He did with this man from Sri Lanka. In Africa, Andy was reminded again and again of the mission Jesus has for His church to make disciples and to welcome one another into the family that we have been so graciously welcomed into. As a church, we never want to lose sight of the fact that Jesus has called us to discipleship and loving one another as family.

Lastly, Andy made a plea to all of us that we would be a church that looks to Jesus as more satisfying than anything else this world has to offer. It is so easy to take our eyes off of Jesus and to look to things that can't fulfill us nor are worthy to be worshipped, but Jesus alone has proved His worthiness and His ability to fulfill us through His perfect life, death, and resurrection. As we look to Him, we will be filled with a joy that is unspeakable and the world will see the God who loves them more than they love themselves.

If you missed the sermon, be sure to listen to it here: Lessons from Dubai + Africa. Join us this Sunday as we dive back into our, "His" sermon series and look at the topic of Singleness.