Sunday Sermon Recap - "Living in God's Calling"

This past weekend we announced that Brad and Sarah Sarian will be moving up to the San Fernando Valley (L.A. County) to plant a church in December. On Sunday morning, Brad kicked off our "Christ & Culture" mini-series as we continue through 1 Corinthians. The main point Paul was explaining in 1 Cor. 7:17-24 was that God's call on our lives is not a mysterious puzzle to decipher, but a clear call to obedience, in context, with Him. As the morning unfolded, Brad explained how he, Sarah, and the elders have felt that God has called them to plant another church in the Northridge area in the next six months. While there were many tears, there was also plenty of excitement. We also announced how Jarek Berga will be stepping into Brad's role as a paid elder and how God has been creatively orchestrating the whole thing behind the scene this entire time.

It is always sad to see a part of the family move for the sake of the Gospel, but it is also a beautiful picture of what we see in Acts and has been our vision statement from the beginning, "To start a movement of reproducing churches empowered by the radical grace of Jesus Christ to love San Diego and glorify God."

If you missed the sermon Sunday, check it out here: "Living in God's Calling."

If you would like to read more about the Sarian's call to the valley, check out a great blog Sarah wrote here: "The Next Adventure."