Parking Details for North Park Relaunch!

Parking Details for Tomorrow's Relaunch!

Hey Everyone!

As the Uptown family gets ready for tomorrow’s relaunch in North Park we want to clarify a few things to ensure our first Sunday gathering goes as smoothly as possible in our new space, the Sunset Temple.

Here are a couple of questions you may still need to get answers to…

A. Where is the new Sunday location? The Sunset temple, the temple is located at 3911 Kansas Street in the heart of North Park. The worship gathering will be happening on the first floor with Restored Kid’s going on downstairs. There are two entrances from the street, one to check in your kiddos on the left and one to walk straight into the gathering on the right.

B. Who should I invite? If you haven't invited anyone just yet would you pray and ask the Spirit if there is anyone he is leading you to invite and text them an invitation right away? We also recommend sharing about our relaunch on Instagram or Facebook if you feel so bold. If you have invited someone already, we recommend following up with a reminder. For more details you can refer people to the website at

C. Where do I park? There are a multitude of options when it comes to parking in North Park on a Sunday morning. Here are a few to consider…

  • FAMILY PARKING: For families with small children we have very close parking available directly across the street (Kansas) from Sunset Temple behind North Park Rug + Carpet located at 2894 University Ave. There are only about ten spots available so we ask that you DO NOT park here unless you have small children. Also, it is first come first serve so we recommend you try to be at gathering by 8:45 if you are interested in parking there. If you park here it’d be a good idea to not bring a stroller to gathering since it’s so close and there isn’t much storage available for strollers. 
  • STREET PARKING: You may have heard that parking can be hectic in North Park. This is generally true because of the strict regulations regarding how long you can park places. However, the beauty of our worship gathering being on Sunday is that PARKING REGULATIONS are NOT ENFORCED on Sundays! This means that ALL yellow zones, green zones, 15 minute, one hour and two hour spots can be parked in for as long as you’d like and you won’t be ticketed! There is a lot more parking than you may realize on Sunday and if you don’t have young kiddos we think street parking is the best option.
  • GARAGE PARKING: Driving circles around the block and, even with the relaxed regulations, you still can’t find a spot? Have no fear, you can park for free at the ACE Parking Garage located at 3829 29th St. about a block away from Sunset Temple. Just say that you are with “Restored Church” and they will let you out without payment. For safety purposes it’s a good idea to cross University at the 30th St. intersection and than walk west to the Temple. We recommend that you only park here as a last resort however because Restored has to pay $1.25 per car, which would add up over the course of the month, and is an unnecessary expense if street parking is available. 

Well that is it for now. If you have any questions feel free to email

In His Grace,

Royce, Andy + Jarek

The Restored Uptown Eldership Team