Restored Kids Needs 15 New Volunteers! Here's Why and What You Can Do...


As a church, we exist to welcome new people and help them experience the radical grace of Jesus. All of us who believe in Jesus were new at one point and we were welcomed in by other Christians so we could experience the radical grace of Jesus.  We want others to experience this same welcome!  

Why Kids ministry exists: One of the ways we do that is by providing a children's ministry we call Restored Kids so that parents can be fully engaged here while knowing that their kids are being cared for well.  Meanwhile, our kids get to experience the radical grace of Jesus through Bible lessons, good discussions, crafts and games in their kids community.  Our kids also get opportunities to develop friendships with each other and with our volunteer team!  

Restored Kids' greatest need right now: In the past year or so, we've had probably 1 out of every 4 volunteers on our roster step down as we've sent some to plant churches, others have given birth and had to take a season off, etc.  Our current volunteers have held down the fort and done a great job. But they need some help in the form of reinforcements! 

How you can help: We need 15 new volunteers to fully staff our Kids ministry.  By signing up, you'd be committing to serving once a once a month in Kids ministry, so you'd have one Sunday where you're back in Kids instead of in here.  

Here's the kind of people we think could step up and help us with this great need:

  1. If you're here and you love Restored church, what God is doing at Restored and you're looking to get more involved, this is absolutely for you. 
  2. If you love kids and especially if you love our kids and want to invest in their lives, this is for you.
  3. If you're a parent that drops kids off regularly but doesn't serve, then this is definitely for you: it's actually a requirement for parents who regularly drop kids off to serve in kids.  I can't think of a group that has more of a reason to invest in Kids ministry than parents, so please sign up! 

How we're going to help you: We want to help you transition into Kids so we're putting on a kids training on Sunday, June 12th right after gathering from 11:30a-1:30p, here at Adams.  We'll provide lunch and do a training with breakout sessions.  

This training isn't just for new volunteers but it's for existing volunteers too. We're rolling out a whole new structure for Kids, new roles for you guys, a new way to of doing scheduling, just a lot of new stuff, we've been working hard to make serving in Kids better and more fun, so there's a lot we need to update you on. 

How you can sign up: We'll have iPads in the back during family time during the next couple Sundays and you can go and sign up to join the team, or you can simply click here to sign up.  


What's at stake: We want to be a welcoming, inviting church in which people can experience Jesus. With your help, we can continue to welcome families with kids so they can hear the gospel as you serve our family sacrificially and experience the joy of pouring your life into the future of the church! 

Much love guys!

Sign up for Kids Ministry: here

Add training to Google Calendar: here