We're Moving to North Park! Here's How You Can Help...

It's official: We're moving to North Park!

As we announced this past Sunday, we signed a lease to move to the Sunset Temple in North Park this fall!  We're moving right into the heart of North Park and we're excited that we'll be far more visible in our community and therefore able to make a deeper gospel impact in Uptown.

As you're probably all experienced, whenever a family moves it creates a need for every family member to sacrificially help in some way, whether its with packing, cleaning, moving boxes, or revamping the new space, just to name a few.  In the same way, we're asking everyone who calls Restored home to sacrificially help us make our move to North Park a reality!   

There are many layers to the move and we'll need a lot of help in every area, but the first need we want to bring before our church family is financial: we need help covering the moving expenses, room renovation costs, and the increased rent we'll have at the Sunset Temple! 

In order to do that, we're planning a "Give Love" campaign on Sunday, October 23rd to raise $15,000 to help us move.  We've done a "Give Love" campaign every year since we planted and they've involved our church giving generously towards a specific Kingdom cause, such as planting churches, supporting poor families in our neighborhood, and human trafficking rescue.  

This year, our Give Love will primarily support our move into the Sunset Temple. As you can see from the picture below, the main space at the Sunset Temple is great! The Kids ministry space is, however, gonna need some serious love as we'll need to lay concrete, redo the floors, paint, do new lighting lighting, the works! We have a plan to make the Kids space warm and welcoming for our kiddos, but it will require a financial investment and "Give Love" will help make that happen! 

With all that said, here's what we're asking everyone who considers Restored home to do:

  1. Pray - Ask the Holy Spirit what He's calling you to give and how He's calling you to serve during this transition. 
  2. Give - Click HERE to "Give Love"!
  3. Serve - Once we start sharing other moving needs, consider jumping in to help!  

Thanks so much family for partnering with Restored to reach North Park with the good news of God's grace for us! Much love!