Get Your 2017 CBR Journal & RSVP for CBR Training!

RSVP for CBR Training HERE. (note: this is a free training!) 


Hey Restored family!

We are excited to announce that the 2017 CBR Journals have arrived!  CBR, which is short for "Community Bible Reading," is a powerful tool to help you engage in transformational daily Bible reading alongside others.  CBR will be an essential part of our discipleship strategy as a church + will play a prominent role in our Gospel Community rhythms going forward.  

Andy will teach on CBR this Sunday, so we want to encourage you to please be at the gathering to learn more!  We plan to sell the CBR Journals during the Sunday gathering for $15 to help cover the costs of making them.  

How to Purchase the 2017 CBR Journal

We are asking everyone who is in a Gospel Community to buy one, and we'll also have some copies available for purchase for anyone that's not in a GC, but would like one.

There are two options for payment: 1) you can pay in advance (highly recommended!) by using the instructions below, or 2) you can pay on Sunday, after Andy's sermon, with your smartphone or our iPads.  We don't want cost to be an issue, so if you can't afford one, you can have one as a gift.   

Here's how to pay: 

  1. Go to
  2. Enter payment information ($15 per journal)
  3. Submit payment 

If you are in a GC, your leader will have your CBR Journal at your next GC meeting.  If you're not in a GC, we'll have some copies available on Sunday.   

RSVP to our CBR Training: Tue, Jan. 24th

We also want to invite you to a CBR Training on Tuesday, Jan. 24th from 6:30p-8:30p at 6126 Adelaide Ave, SD, CA 92115!  Ted Sinn, the creator of CBR, will be in San Diego to train us on how to use the CBR Journal in our daily lives!  Ted is a gifted speaker, teacher, loves our church, and wants to help you grow more like Jesus through CBR.  You will not want to miss this impactful training! 

RSVP for CBR Training HERE. (note: this is a free training!) 

We're so excited to grow more like Jesus with you through CBR! Hope to see you Sunday!