Pre-Order Your 2018 CBR Journal Today!


Hey, family!

We want to let you know that you can pre-order your 2018 CBR Journal today!  The CBR Journal is a tool that helps us read the Bible and encourage one another as we experience Jesus in the pages of Scripture!

Here's how you can reserve your copy (it takes less than 2 min!): 

  1. Step 1: Click HERE
  2. Step 2: Under "Give," select "CBR Journal" fund
  3. Step 3: Enter $10 to pre-order your journal (if you want extra copies, add $10 for each)
  4. Step 4: Leave occurance set as "One-Time" + enter email
  5. Step 5: Follow directions for payment

Get your pre-order in ASAP to guarantee delivery by new years!