Day Rates Now Available! Last Chance to RSVP!

Hey, family!

We're having our Gospel-Centered Discipleship Training this Friday and Saturday, and you still have time to RSVP and take advantage of our new day rate options: Both days ($40), Friday Only ($20), or Saturday Only ($25). 

This training is run by Serge (aka World Harvest Mission), which is a discipleship and missionary-sending ministry that has created many helpful resources that we've used in discipleship and leadership development, such as the Gospel-Centered Life, Sonship, and more!  

Here are a few tips to help you if you're undecided:

Parents: Can't find a sitter? We want to encourage you to consider either sending one parent to the training or splitting up the sessions between the two of you.  Even if you each only do half of the sessions, it will be worth it!  If you choose to do this, you're welcome to pay for one registration and put both of your names in the RSVP.  

Day Rates: To help anyone with scheduling conflitc, we have created three registration options for you to choose from:

1) Both days ($40)
2) Friday only ($20)
3) Saturday only ($25) 

If you have any questions about your registration, please contact Abigail at  

Finances: If the cost to register is an issue for you, please email, and we can work with you! 

Here's an overview of the training sessions: 



6-7pm Taco Dinner Served
7-8pm Laying Gospel Foundations
8-9pm Living in Light of God’s Story


8-9am Continental Breakfast Served
9-10am Welcome + Opening Case Study
10-10:45am Dual Perspective Discipling
10:45-11am Break
11-12pm Case Study Discussion + Coming Alongside Pt. 1
12-1PM Lunch Served

Saturday morning will open with an interactive Case Study as participants workshop a discipling scenario in small groups. We’ll then present the model of Dual-Perspective Discipling, and return to debrief the case study in light of this model. The second part of the morning will focus on practical discipling skills, flowing out of the posture of Coming Alongside.

1-2pm Coming Alongside Pt. 2 + Interactive Group Work
2-2:30pm Discipling Triads
2:30-2:45pm Break
2:45-3:15pm Brainstorming Session in Small Groups
3:15-4pm Discipling Q&A

In the afternoon, through training and interactive engagement, we will continue to unpack what it means to come alongside those we disciple as we cover skills like Active Listening, the art of crafting Disruptive Questions that reach the heart level and Sharing From Your Own Life.  We’ll end the weekend with a Brainstorming Session, as we seek to apply the training in various ministry contexts. Participants will break into small groups, based on their various ministries (or churches), to discuss takeaways and immediate application points from the training. We’ll end with a Discipling Q&A Session.

We hope to see many of you this Friday and Saturday! Much love.  

Restored Staff and Elders