Join Us for Easter Week at Restored Uptown!

Friends, Easter Week is almost here! Here's what's happening at Restored Uptown...

Friends, Easter Week is almost here! Here's what's happening at Restored Uptown...

Easter Sunday Gathering! 

Easter is next Sunday, April 16th and our Easter gathering will be at the Sunset Temple at 9:30a!  We're starting a half hour later to make it easier for you to invite friends and family since many aren't used to waking up early on a Sunday.  We're going to make much of Jesus and want to encourage you to think and pray about inviting two people that you'd love to hear the gospel and experience more of Jesus!

If you feel nervous about asking someone to Easter, check out this blog post about how to invite someone to a gathering!

Ladies Worship Night!

Ladies! We want to invite you to a special Ladies Worship Night on Thursday, April 13th from 7:00p-9:00p at the Moniker Warehouse in downtown. Singer/songwriter Daena Jay, who's a friend of Restored, will be leading our time! During the night, you'll have a chance to connect with other ladies, enjoy musical worship, and also receive prayer ministry!  It should be a great time, and we want to encourage you to invite friends that you want to connect to our church family!

Click HERE for more info on Daena. 

Reserve Your Spot at our Gospel-Centered Discipleship Training!

Hey, Restored Church!

We're excited to announce that we are partnering with New City church to host a Gospel-Centered Discipleship Training on Friday evening, May 5th and all-day on Saturday, May 6th! 

In this training, you will learn how we as a church want to disciple one another in the gospel.  We plan to cover topics like sin, the heart, our identity, and spiritual disciplines.  You'll also learn practical skills like how to listen and really hear people, how to use questions to get at heart issues that reveal unbelief, and how we can build each other up through the gospel! 

This is our biggest discipleship training of the year; if you want to grow as a disciple and help other do the same, you will not want to miss this training! 

The training costs $40 per person to help us cover the costs of several meals, the honorarium for our instructors, and handouts.  With that said, we don't want money to be an issue so scholarships are available if you need it. Also, if you'd like to help us fund those scholarships, please let us know! 

Please RSVP by clicking HERE.  

Come & Celebrate What Jesus is Doing at Our Vision Night!

Hey, Everyone!

We want to invite you to join us for our Vision Night on Sunday, April 2nd at 4:00p at the Moniker Warehouse in downtown San Diego!  This is a special night where Restored Uptown, South Bay, and Los Angeles gather to celebrate Jesus by singing together, listening to stories of how He's saving and transforming people in our communities, and casting fresh vision of what the future holds for our churches! 

We're providing light refreshments + childcare, so your RSVP is very important!  We'll have a live sign-up during family time on Sunday, but if you already know you're going, please use this RSVP link.

We hope to see you Sunday as we continue our "We Are Restored" series and work through our values, 2017 church-wide initiatives, and membership!

In His Grace,

The Restored Uptown Staff & Elders

Details for Tonight's CBR Training!

Details for Tonight's CBR Training!

Hey Restored family!

Tonight is our CBR Training with Ted Sinn and we want to provide you with a few key details... 

What should I bring? 

Bring your Bible and a pen!  We'll provide you with a handout that has everything else you'll need...

Where is the event? 

The training will be in the main sanctuary of La Mesa Apostolic church, located at 6126 Adelaide Ave, San Diego, 92115 from 6:30p-8:30p.  If you use Google Maps, it's best to search for "College Center Covenant Church," which is what the church was previously named, rather than searching for "La Mesa Apostolic" or entering in the address. Feel free to use this Google Maps link: here

Where should I park?

The church building has a parking lot and there is street parking available once the lot is full.  We encourage you to carpool if you can! 

What else should I know?

We'll have coffee, water and some light snacks for you.  As a reminder, we will not have childcare for this training.  

That should cover everything you'll need to know for tonight, if you have any questions please email We are so excited to have you at this foundational training for our church, see you soon!  

In His Grace,

Royce, Andy + Jarek

The Restored Uptown Eldership Team

Get Your 2017 CBR Journal & RSVP for CBR Training!

RSVP for CBR Training HERE. (note: this is a free training!) 


Hey Restored family!

We are excited to announce that the 2017 CBR Journals have arrived!  CBR, which is short for "Community Bible Reading," is a powerful tool to help you engage in transformational daily Bible reading alongside others.  CBR will be an essential part of our discipleship strategy as a church + will play a prominent role in our Gospel Community rhythms going forward.  

Andy will teach on CBR this Sunday, so we want to encourage you to please be at the gathering to learn more!  We plan to sell the CBR Journals during the Sunday gathering for $15 to help cover the costs of making them.  

How to Purchase the 2017 CBR Journal

We are asking everyone who is in a Gospel Community to buy one, and we'll also have some copies available for purchase for anyone that's not in a GC, but would like one.

There are two options for payment: 1) you can pay in advance (highly recommended!) by using the instructions below, or 2) you can pay on Sunday, after Andy's sermon, with your smartphone or our iPads.  We don't want cost to be an issue, so if you can't afford one, you can have one as a gift.   

Here's how to pay: 

  1. Go to
  2. Enter payment information ($15 per journal)
  3. Submit payment 

If you are in a GC, your leader will have your CBR Journal at your next GC meeting.  If you're not in a GC, we'll have some copies available on Sunday.   

RSVP to our CBR Training: Tue, Jan. 24th

We also want to invite you to a CBR Training on Tuesday, Jan. 24th from 6:30p-8:30p at 6126 Adelaide Ave, SD, CA 92115!  Ted Sinn, the creator of CBR, will be in San Diego to train us on how to use the CBR Journal in our daily lives!  Ted is a gifted speaker, teacher, loves our church, and wants to help you grow more like Jesus through CBR.  You will not want to miss this impactful training! 

RSVP for CBR Training HERE. (note: this is a free training!) 

We're so excited to grow more like Jesus with you through CBR! Hope to see you Sunday!

Check Out Restored's Christmas Social on Saturday Dec. 10th!

Come Join Us for a Christmas Social!

Join us for our Christmas Social!!!  We believe that the church is a family of people that love, support, comfort, and celebrate with one another.  So, this Christmas we want to have a time for our church family to hang out and enjoy Christmas festivities with our friends at the Liberty Station Holiday Block Party!  The entire arts district in Liberty Station will be having Christmas treats and things to enjoy for the whole family.  

On December 10th, we plan to meet at the Liberty Public Market at 5pm for a selection of food choices and drinks to enjoy together. Then we'll disperse in groups to have some fun, and finally come back together to enjoy some ice skating at 8pm, if you haven't gone home with the kids already. For those of you that aren't the skating type, you can join us at Stone Brewery for a night cap before we call it a night!  

This is a great opportunity to bring friends or family to meet your church community, so bring them all!  Find more details about food and activities our website -!

When: Saturday || 12.10.16 || 5:00p
Where: Liberty Station Public Market, 2820 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, 92106

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Join Us for our Christmas Eve Worship Service!

Hey guys!

We want to invite you to join us for our Christmas Eve Worship Service on Saturday, December 24th at 10:00a at the Sunset Temple!

This is a great opportunity to invite family and friends as research shows that unchurched people are far more likely to attend a Christmas Eve worship service than almost any other church event.  With that said, if you are thinking about inviting family and friends, go for it! Odds are good that they'll say yes and be glad you thought of them. 

Please note that there will be no Christmas Day gathering on Sunday, December 25th and we hope you enjoy that day with your families!  

When: Saturday || 12.24.16 || 10:00a

Where: Sunset Temple, 3911 Kansas Street, San Diego 92104

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Parking Details for North Park Relaunch!

Parking Details for Tomorrow's Relaunch!

Hey Everyone!

As the Uptown family gets ready for tomorrow’s relaunch in North Park we want to clarify a few things to ensure our first Sunday gathering goes as smoothly as possible in our new space, the Sunset Temple.

Here are a couple of questions you may still need to get answers to…

A. Where is the new Sunday location? The Sunset temple, the temple is located at 3911 Kansas Street in the heart of North Park. The worship gathering will be happening on the first floor with Restored Kid’s going on downstairs. There are two entrances from the street, one to check in your kiddos on the left and one to walk straight into the gathering on the right.

B. Who should I invite? If you haven't invited anyone just yet would you pray and ask the Spirit if there is anyone he is leading you to invite and text them an invitation right away? We also recommend sharing about our relaunch on Instagram or Facebook if you feel so bold. If you have invited someone already, we recommend following up with a reminder. For more details you can refer people to the website at

C. Where do I park? There are a multitude of options when it comes to parking in North Park on a Sunday morning. Here are a few to consider…

  • FAMILY PARKING: For families with small children we have very close parking available directly across the street (Kansas) from Sunset Temple behind North Park Rug + Carpet located at 2894 University Ave. There are only about ten spots available so we ask that you DO NOT park here unless you have small children. Also, it is first come first serve so we recommend you try to be at gathering by 8:45 if you are interested in parking there. If you park here it’d be a good idea to not bring a stroller to gathering since it’s so close and there isn’t much storage available for strollers. 
  • STREET PARKING: You may have heard that parking can be hectic in North Park. This is generally true because of the strict regulations regarding how long you can park places. However, the beauty of our worship gathering being on Sunday is that PARKING REGULATIONS are NOT ENFORCED on Sundays! This means that ALL yellow zones, green zones, 15 minute, one hour and two hour spots can be parked in for as long as you’d like and you won’t be ticketed! There is a lot more parking than you may realize on Sunday and if you don’t have young kiddos we think street parking is the best option.
  • GARAGE PARKING: Driving circles around the block and, even with the relaxed regulations, you still can’t find a spot? Have no fear, you can park for free at the ACE Parking Garage located at 3829 29th St. about a block away from Sunset Temple. Just say that you are with “Restored Church” and they will let you out without payment. For safety purposes it’s a good idea to cross University at the 30th St. intersection and than walk west to the Temple. We recommend that you only park here as a last resort however because Restored has to pay $1.25 per car, which would add up over the course of the month, and is an unnecessary expense if street parking is available. 

Well that is it for now. If you have any questions feel free to email

In His Grace,

Royce, Andy + Jarek

The Restored Uptown Eldership Team

Volunteer Training & Prayer + Fasting Event on Nov. 5th!


Volunteer Training & Prayer + Fasting Event on Nov. 5th!

We are just one week away from our big move to our new gathering space at the Sunset Temple in North Park! We are going to have our first Sunday gathering on Sunday, Nov. 6th, so this week is our last week here at Adams Elementary!

We've got three big events this month that we want to invite you to take part in as the move draws near...

Serve Teams Training

In order to prepare for our move to the Sunset Temple in North Park, we are going to have a serve teams training on Saturday, Nov. 5 from 9:00a-12:00p!  If you are on any of the following teams we need you to be there: Kids, Hospitality, Environment, or Worship & Tech. The purpose of this training is to update you on how the move to North Park will impact your teams, so it's really important that you be there!

So if you're on one of those four teams, please go to the back during family time tomorrow and sign-up! You can also REGISTER HERE!

When: Saturday || 11.5.16 || 9:00a-12:00p
Where: The Sunset Temple, 3911 Kansas St, San Diego 92104

Click here to add Serve Teams Training to Google Calendar

24 hrs of prayer + fasting

On Saturday November 5th we're also going to have a 24 hour prayer + fasting event! We want to invite you to pray with others from our church for the move. God responds in mighty ways when His kids pray, so we want to cover this move in prayer!

If you are interested in taking part please go to the back during family time and sign-up for one of the twelve 2-hr time slots! We want to encourage you to sign-up with others, especially your GC, to pray together!

When: Saturday || 11.5.16 - 11.6.16 || 9:00a-9:00a
Where: The Sunset Temple, 3911 Kansas St, San Diego 92104

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Vision Night on Sunday Nov. 13 from 4:00p-6:00p @ Moniker Warehouse!

Huge Announcement Coming at Vision Night on Nov. 13th!

Mark your calendars for Sunday, November 13th as we're hosting our next Vision Night from 4:00p-6:00p! This will be a time to pray, worship and seek Jesus together for what He wants to do in our church! We're also going to be making a HUGE announcement, so please do everything you can to be there! 

Please go sign-up in the back during family time so you can register, or REGISTER HERE

When: Sunday || 11.13.16 || 4:00p-6:00p ||
Where: Moniker Warehouse, 705 16th St, San Diego 92101

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